I See I Had ... Treatment


Study Notes:

  1. 1.How we treat as medics is entirely dependent on our treatment protocols.

  2. 2.Know your protocols perfectly.

  3. 3.Keep track of which treatments you perform, what time they were performed, and what changes occurred in your patient.

“I see I had vital signs assessed and treated”


Treating your patient, when you’re working as a paramedic, is very much up to the Medical Doctor whose license you are working under, or who oversees your EMS system.

Your responsibility as a medic is to know your treatment protocols perfectly, and to be able to perform them.  I always found that writing out my protocols was the best way to study them, since I couldn’t ‘fake’ it.  It was all there in black-and-white.  Either I knew them, or I didn’t.  Since protocols change so rapidly in light of advancements in medical science, and since there are variations in treatment protocols among different EMS agencies, I’m not going to try and describe them.

Instead, I’ll simply say that the last part of organizing your call is to determine which treatment you will be implementing, and then to do so.  If you need to contact your Medical Director to obtain permission for certain treatments, then you should do that now.

Whatever treatments you perform should be recorded.  Keep an ongoing written record of what you have done, when you did it, and what changes occurred in your patient as a result of your interventions.  Remember - ‘not charted’ means ‘not done’.

So, that’s it!  Your done!  You’ve learned how to approach the scene and your patient using the “Safety F.I.R.S.T. G.E.T. 1° &  2° ABCDs” mnemonic, and then you learned how to organize the rest of the call completion using the “I See I HAD Vital signs Assessed and Treated” mnemonic.  Thanks for taking this short, educational journey with me.  I hope it helps you to be a better medic and improves your patient care.  Feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you think.  I’m at marc@paramedicine.com.

See you on the road!
Marc Colbeck

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