Dedicated to the women and men who work tirelessly in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) around the world to help those in need.

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Organizing the first few minutes of an EMS call.  A detailed look at what veteran paramedics automatically consider when they first enter a scene and size up their patient.


Organizing a thorough interview and assessment of your patient.  This approach to the rest of the call - after the first few minutes - is also used for reporting and charting.


What to ask about, and what the answers mean.


How to perform a physical exam, and what it all means. This is, again, how real paramedics do it.  I’ve cut out all the ‘school’ assessments and I focus on what you should really be checking, what it means, and why it matters.

DRUG MONOGRAPHS... (in progress)

Information on commonly used EMS medications.  Again, important information that you should know, about the drugs that we use.  These take a lot of time, so I’m getting through them slowly.  Feel free to contribute.


A list of the procedures that paramedics might perform.

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This site is written and maintained by Marc Colbeck.  I am a paramedic instructor who worked as a Critical Care Paramedic in Toronto EMS (Canada) for 13 years.  Currently I work in the Middle East, teaching paramedicine.  I have an undergraduate degree in Health Sciences (Pre-Hospital Care) and am completing an MA.

My hope is to make available some clinical tips for working paramedics in order to improve your patient care.  Of course, students are welcome too!  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write. I try to answer every e-mail. 

If you’re a paramedic (or EMT), or if you think you want to be one, this site is for you.

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