I See I Had ... Identify the Patient


Study Notes:

  1. 1.Answer the question: who is this person?

  2. 2.Get their identifying information.

  3. 3.Be polite, and use people’s names appropriately.

Identify the Patient


Often it is only later in the call that we actually get around to identifying who our patient actually is.  If they’re unconscious, their name isn’t that important to us right away.  However, if they are conscious and alert it’s nice to know their name so that we can use it to address them.

In general, it’s better to call people ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’ something-or-other than using their first name.  And for heaven’s sake, please don’t be so condescending as to call the elderly ‘Dear’ or some other informal epithet like that.  It always makes me cringe when I work with someone who does that.

When we hand over our patient, and fill in our paperwork, we need to know the following information, so do your best to find out their:

  1. Bullet First and last name

  2. Bullet Address

  3. Bullet Date of birth (DOB)

  4. Bullet Health Card or Medical Identification number

Who are you? ...